Founder & Director

Rohan Mittal, Founder & Director

Rohan is an Experimental Physicist and an ex-Google Campus Ambassador. He heads Strategic Partnerships and is a Google Certified Teacher, Certified Google Educator, Qualified Google Apps Education Professional, as well as Google Web Academy Online Professional. With an excellent background in experimental physics, scientific data analysis, and a passion for mobile and web technology, he is an expert in Web & Mobile Analytics, SEO, Digital Strategy, and Cloud Consulting. Over the last few years in the Silicon Valley, he had firsthand experience interacting with founders, experts, and legal advisors at the numerous entrepreneurship events and competitions at UC Berkeley, Stanford University, and at the Googleplex. With a deep scientific background and a knack for efficiency and detail, he is the Google Guru, Lead Trainer, and Mentor for Google Apps, Search, Maps, Earth, YouTube, Analytics, and Webmaster Tools and also leads the development team at He has more adrenaline in his blood stream than most humans and spins ideas out of thin air which also makes him a favorite among young entrepreneurs looking to kickstart their own dreams. He is our lead motivator, continually strives for innovation, and loves to travel, click, and eat.

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