Rohan Mittal, Director

Rohan has 5 years of diverse Entrepreneurial experience in Technical, Marketing, Sales, Operations, Support, Training, and Management roles. Over the past decade, he has honed his skills in Physics Research (Laser-driven Particle Accelerators, Parallel Computing) and Technology (G Suite, Chrome Devices, DevOps). His invaluable combination of enthusiasm, technical knowledge, multitasking abilities, adaptation to change, people skills, and experience uniquely aggrandize his talent for taking on challenging roles.

He is a key driver at Dowhyolo for Google Enterprise services and continually strives for excellence while delivering world-class services to customers. Under his guidance, the company today serves customers from Start-ups to Mid-Market Enterprises (1,000 employees), Banks, Nonprofits, Educational Institutions, and Government Entities primarily in India, Bhutan, and the United States.

He has been a G Suite power-user since 2006, appointed Google Campus Ambassador in 2007, Chromebox user since 2012, and a Google Certified Innovator since 2014. He acquired skills and extensive 10+ years hands-on experience on G Suite, worked with support and specialist Google teams in India, Ireland, and U.S. to solve some of the most complex G Suite cases, accumulated 14,500+ hours of hands-on experience on Chrome devices & management console, 3+ years experience with Cloud DNS, 25+ Google certifications across products, actively participated in substantial classroom trainings and significant Q&A with Google teams from the U.S. and Japan on G Suite & Chrome devices, and trained 900+ users on G Suite User, Admin, Apps Script across enterprise and education customers.

He has been engaged by Google (its partners, and other companies) for his unique mix of thorough technical understanding and working knowledge combined with sales, marketing pitches that have helped him (and them) succeed with strategic customers. He was the only person to technically implement and successfully test Internationalized Domain Name email addresses for National Internet Exchange of India and the Maharashtra State Data Center / Directorate of Information Technology, Government of Maharashtra as a proof-of-concept for the Digilocker project under the Digital India initiative led by the Prime Minister of India. He has extensive experience with DNS, Domain IP, Fraud Investigation and has been engaged by customers for acquiring domains, restoring service control and domain access, and handling complex issues related to domain expiration.

Presently, he is leading the effort on a cloud-based solution to automate process workflows, reduce turnaround time, handle more customers, and improve profitability. During his journey, he has worn many hats, has learnt from the downs-and-ups, awestruck with tough inspiring challenges, and gained knowledge, experience, expertise, and momentum in many areas.

Rohan continues to strive for innovation, is a high-energy problem-solver who is exceedingly passionate about life, has exceptional training and motivation skills, diverse interests, believes if you want something ‒ you can get it, and in the fantastic possibilities that people can create together. He loves to travel, photograph, and eat.

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