People build a company. Do you believe you can?

At Dowhyolo, we have opportunities to stand-out for budding "X" skilled individuals with a proven track-record at our Global Operations & R&D Centre in the heart of Bengaluru, the IT Capital of India (nicknamed Silicon Valley of India, also known as the Garden City of India). Bengaluru is a multicultural metropolis with a population of over 15 million and is one of the most ethnically diverse cities in India, with over 61% of the city's population comprising migrants from different parts of India. IT companies in Bengaluru employ over 35% of India's pool of 1 million IT professionals. Recently, in January 2017, Bengaluru has emerged as the most dynamic city in Jones Lang LaSalle's fourth annual City Momentum Index of cities around the world, followed by Ho Chi Minh City of Vietnam and Silicon Valley in the United States.

We have 3 type of opportunities available:

A. Volunteer

Occasional opportunities to participate, learn, contribute, and support our exclusive invite-only events. Check-out our Events Calendar to find out upcoming events and reach out to us.

B. Internships

Internships are key for the development of the ecosystem, shaping thoughts, and inspiring the leaders of tomorrow. We ourselves, have had the opportunity to learn from world-famous experts in their fields during numerous internships, short/long projects around the globe. And on similar lines, we have evolved our own internship programme. There are three (3) options applicants have here:

  1. Summer Internship Programme - This is our flagship programme and typically runs May through July though dates can be tuned to match with student vacation period. The application is usually routed through the institution placement cell.
  2. Rolling Internship Programme - This is a programme for highly motivated students and runs all year round. It is usually focussed on shorter periods depending on vacation schedule and availability of the students. Typical periods range from one (1) to four (4) weeks and students can apply at any point of the year.
  3. Explorer Internship Programme - This is primarily focussed on working professionals who are working in a full-time job and wish to learn, enhance skills, and contribute. They may be looking for a change or to do something totally different in life.

All applications must be submitted at least 45 days in advance and undergo an exhaustive screening process for shortlisting and interview. Some of the major shortlisting metrics are merit, passion, need, and availability. On successful completion of the programme, all interns receive a 1-hour career guidance session besides regular mentoring during the duration of the programme.

C. Jobs

These are full-time career opportunities uniquely curated per our requirement and matched to suit your passion, experience, proven track-record, and education. Career advancements are based purely on merit, performance, and exceeding goals/deliverables within the given period of time. All our projects are challenging and time-sensitive hence diligence, commitment, and rapid learning are key to the survival and growth here.

Current Openings:

  1. Accounts Wizard (Lead Position - Closed)
  2. Fierce Marketer (Lead Position)
  3. Operations Commando (Lead Position)
  4. Technology Coach (Lead Position)