Time for Reflection

1. Are you the best?

We have a no-compromise policy when we hire. We bring you the best and expect to only settle for the best in the field.

2. Can you prove it?

If you answered the first question, "Yes", then you need to prove it quickly. Work makes us proud and speaks much louder than words.

3. Are you a problem solver?

At Dowhyolo, we solve hard-challenges each day. Are you brave enough to dare your brain and stay on-top of your game?

4. Are you a leader?

We are looking for energetic individuals who will lead our teams and continue to Wow! our customers. What makes you stand-out?

5. Are you an early riser?

We start early, beat the traffic, and make things happen. So, expect to get up early. And, we are liberal if you want to come even earlier. Exceptions: None.

6. Do you look for shortcuts?

There is no place for shortcuts here. A job well done is a job well done and we are sure you know what we mean. Period.

7. Do you think yourself?

Do you think yourself or search Google for answers? You know what we are looking for, don't you?

8. Are you organized?

Staying organized is not a skill, it is a lifestyle. Hence, it is not an expectation, it is a prerequisite.