Hardware Consulting

Hardware consulting is one of our top offerings. If you are a customer who buys computers (laptops, desktops) and/or mobily products (tablets, smartphones), this service is designed just for you. Why? Because, we are OEM-agnostic and hence can help you take the right decisions for your business. We lower-TCO, help you buy the right, highly-optimized hardware that is cost-effective, correctly suited for your end-users, their operating environment, meets your business needs, and helps you accelerate your business growth.

Whether you are buying low-budget computers, high-performance workstations, computers to support mission-critical applications, those used in defense/(aero)space/nuclear applications, or simply have a new requirement, based on the requirement, we leverage on the latest-in-technology and data to spec out the right custom-hardware for you designed to meet, and exceed your expectations.

We can provide you the consulting as well as the hardware. And, we do not assemble machines, we custom-order them on top-OEMs worldwide so you always get the world-class, onsite, multi-year, multi-region support you have come to expect. Based on the hardware, we even recommend what kind of support you should opt-in for since it all comes down to the cost.

What we do at Dowhyolo?

  1. We understand your use-case.
  2. We may have a few rounds of Q&A.
  3. Then, based on our proprietary analysis, we spec out the hardware specifications for your use-case that are highly-optimized for the following:
    a) Performance (typically 4x faster, improved productivity, no frustration, user happiness)
    b) Reliability (typically 3x more reliable, thus much-less downtime)
    c) Power Consumption (yes, often our hardware specs consume less power, thus lower electricity costs)

Hardware Consulting Plans

SN Description Basic Premium Enterprise
1. Consulting on your specific use-case Yes Yes Yes
2. Provide what hardware specifications to buy Yes Yes Yes
3. Recommendations on which OEM to consider - Yes Yes
4. Recommendations on which model to consider - Yes Yes
5. Option to buy hardware from us - Yes Yes
6. Provide price indications to negotiate with the OEMs - - Yes
7. White-gloveboxing for ready-to-use by end-user out-of-the-box (pre-installation of custom-software e.g. VPN, security, applications, network configuration, etc.) - - Yes
8. Direct-shipping (white-gloveboxed hardware can be shipped directly to end-user locations instead of first sending to a central customer location) - - Yes
9. Buffer-stocking (maintain identical hardware with white-gloveboxing ready for dispatch to end-users within 1-3 business days) - - Yes
  Pricing per use-case. Pay once, order unlimited number of machines thereon. $6,999 (Limited Time Offer) Call for Pricing Call for Pricing

Result --> Lower-TCO and a more-efficient workforce - it is a Winner! for your business. Not just that, the cascading impact on your overall business is mammoth since right from faster internal-TAT, even your customers get a faster response giving your business and customers a WOW! experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, we work directly with the OEM product teams.

Case Studies

We have been testing Chrome Devices in production since their US-commercial launch in 2012 and have over 16,500 hours experience on them. One of our customer wanted Chromebooks with certain specifications. However, we worked with them to understand their use-case and designed the hardware specifications and provided them machines which provided them with superb performance and reliability while saving them $125 per machine. The hardware was designed to last 5 years, hence we provided them an exclusive 5 year onsite warranty with option for international carry-in warranty for their mobile workforce.

A mobility customer was using conventional OEM desktop computers in their office and the IT had to spend significant time and effort in managing downtime, repairs, continued maintenance, and performance issues in machines that were only a 3-4 months old. We got involved, understood their use-case, designed custom-spec machines for them, and provided them the machines to fulfill their new requirements and upgrade certain existing users. The result was a reduction in boot time from 45-50 seconds to under 7-10 seconds, performance increase by over 4X and a WOW! factor for the user, power consumption reduction by 50% hence less heat-load on air-conditioning, smaller and integrated form factor for a clutter-free desk, paired with our premium installation service which further eliminates accidental damage by the user and reduces unintentional wear and tear of cables and accessories. The machines have been running since without complaints. And, the customer enjoys a low-TCO and a high return on their investment. Not just that, happy employees and a fast and highly reliable machine means high output from the workforce. Overall, it is a very big win for them. Now they can focus on growth rather than day-to-day downtime management, user frustration, and escalations.

Accounting is usually a critical activity for all businesses. Even the downtime of a few days can adversely affect the operations of a company besides impacting sale, purchase, and other transactions which can affect the bottomline or sale/production targets. One of our customer wanted a low-cost but highly reliable computer for accounting use so that the possibility of it to fail would be much-lower compared to conventional computers. We assessed the situation, environment, usage and designed hardware specifications so that the downtime of the machine would be highly unlikely.